Sky On FireToday is my I-don’t-give-a-flying-schnitzel day. I just woke up and thought, “Ugh. F— the world.” I probably won’t seem that way at school, but when I get a moment alone, I know I’ll simmer. I’d like to apologize in advance if I’m mean to you, but if you’re nice to me usually, I most likely won’t direct any of my bad energy at you.

Why am I like this? I should be happy; my mom’s tumor shrunk to half it’s size AGAIN. Still, I’m just… blah.

Well, off to school. Yay. -_-

Love and Explosions,



So, school’s over, and it wasn’t too bad, after all. I straightened out and happied up. Amber drew a girafficorn on my hand during AB =D. So that made me happy.

I’m off to get food! Ta ta for now!

(P.S., My cat, Luna, is the cutest thing right now. Just thought I’d let ya’ll know. Bye!)


2 thoughts on “Grr-Rawr.

  1. Holy crap! Sheesh! I didn’t think having blogs would be this popular.
    I got mine freshman year, and yaaay! Now I get to see what’s goin’ down with Liz too! Hope to see more blog posts from ya’.

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