Well, isn’t this fancy?

 The Halo Cloud

Friends, fans, schoolmates.


Everyone’s gettin’ a blog these days, so I figured, why not have one of my own? I love seeing what’s going on in other people’s minds; things I would certainly put past them. Maybe you’d like to do the same with me!

I’ll try to update it daily, but that might not happen. If I haven’t in a while, give me a nudge.


Today was pretty normal. It almost felt like I hadn’t been in school in a very long time. It was good to be back in all my classes, though. Except for English. Good lord, I always want to shoot my brains out in that class. I can’t tell you what we’re doing in there, because I have absolutely NO IDEA. He doesn’t teach us anything, I swear!

Deep breaths. Ahh. I’m okay.

Spanish… That woman practically gives me a heart attack every time I go to her class.

Drama is usually a lot of fun, but for some strange reason, I kept getting really frustrated/angry/annoyed/sad in there today.

I’m all better now, though. My Life As A Whiney Spit-Up… er, The Secret Life of anAmerican Teenager, is on tonight. I swear, that show has just gone DOWNhill. All they talk about anymore is who did who last and who’s gonna hook up and blah blah blah! It’s frustrating! I used to love that show!

My Life As Liz is on too. I love that show. It personifies me + all of my best friends in one compactible 30-minute televison program. =D

Well, I’m off for today. Still working out the kinks, so I’ll be on for a while.

Love and Rockets,


(P.S., I stole that from MLAL. Don’t tell!)

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