See all those white spheres in the picture? My aunt convinced me that those are ghosts; specters, if you will. They’ve showed up in several pictures she’s taken, all in different quantities and sizes.

Some people try and say that it’s just a play of the light, but my aunt always takes two pictures, one right after the other. There are spheres in one picture but not the other.

She told me about this a little while back, when she was visiting from Germany. She even took a picture of our living room, and she found a few. It was so weird. I wanted to see if I could find some for myself, and I’m so proud that I did.

She took a picture of the pyramids in Egypt (Yes, she went to Egypt!) and there were tons of those ghosts. I saw the picture, it was really cool to think about. What if King Tut was just floating around in the air above her head while she was taking that picture? Did Cleopatra make it into that photo, and did she throw up a peace sign?

Who are the ghosts living in my house? At the Rock? How long have they been there, without my knowledge?

Well, I can’t say I didn’t know there was at least one ghost in my house. There have been some weird things going on. Like, for example, my mom’s friend was over to help us clean the house. She was vaccuuming the floor, when suddenly a plant knocked over from across the room and the Aqua Globe (Yes, we actually bought Aqua Globes. They really work!) in it shattered. And, I swear one night I saw a bag on my dresser moving on it’s own free will.

We named our ghost Sam (from the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze). Things like that, small and non-threatening, make me feel almost safe. Like someone’s always watching over us.

It’s pretty cool.

Love and Specters,



One thought on “Specters

  1. I always thought it was dust particles on the camera lens. But anyway, I have ghosts in my room! My stereo’s volume turns up and down (no joke) and its super creepy. and also sometimes, i will go to bed with my closet door closed (i make sure it’s closed every night) and then when i wake up, it’s open. creeeepy

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