Mood Rings

Oh, it’s so cold today! I don’t like it! I am a desert rat; I am not used to these kinds of temperatures.

Well, at least we have a 3 day week. It feels weird, not having anything planned for the weekend. I haven’t been not-busy for ages, it seems.

I’m serious about the cold, though.  I found a mood ring on the ground before school, and at one point, my hands were so cold, it turned black. I think that means you’re dead, or something. O_o

See, the thing about rain for me is, I like it, very much so. However, when it is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and the God pee falling from the sky is FAR less than that, it is NOT ENJOYABLE, to say the least.

My sister is currently making really weird angry noises at the Xbox. It’s making me fear for my own sanity.

My Life as Liz is on tonight, but I can’t watch it, cause it comes on really really late, and Grant + my mommy always make me go to bed early. Oh well, I guess I can still watch The Secret Life of a Whiney Spit-Up. Fun.

Love and Mood Rings,


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