Laughing Like A Hyena

Oh, today is so mixed up.
I watched a video in Earth Science about whaling and dolphin hunting,
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
In Taiji (I think I got that right), Japan, there is a very large population of bottlenose dolphins. Ya wanna know what they do to them?
They go out to sea and make really loud, obnoxious noises to scare the dolphins to a cove off the shore. Then, they put up nets so the dolphins can’t get away. They have a bunch of trainers pick out which ones they want for their dolphin shows. The rest of them are dragged (quite literally) to a secret lagoon, away from the public eye, where they are brutally slaughtered by the fishermen with large spears. By the time they get through half of them, the water is no longer blue. It is PURE RED. The bodies are loaded onto the boats and their meat is sold in stores.
Disturbed yet? I was too.

On to a brighter topic, AB was so crazy. Patrick stole Amber’s cow, and we had a huge battle to try and get him back.
It felt good to be really laughing.

And here I am, in Algebra 2, bored out of my mind because I finished the reviews in 20 minutes. One more hour to go!
At least Alli and Amber are entertaining. They never fail to make me laugh

Ta-ta for now.
Love and Dolphins,


One thought on “Laughing Like A Hyena

  1. AH! That’s not nice. I’m going to go treat those people like they do dolphins. See if they like it. I doubt they will. Jerk faces. Dolphins are my most favorite-est animals in the world. Those people… Rawr. I has a grr now. But that’s okay. I’m glad that little cow brought so much joy to everyone’s day. And I’m glad I never fail to make you laugh. That makes me happy.

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