We’re A Hazard To Ourselves


I feel like there are too many causes that I’m supposed to care about, and do something about.

Global warming (which is a lie), animal testing, “Save the Whales”, preserving biological variation, saving water, recycling, war, abortion, teenage pregnancy, infertility, overpopulation (in animals and humans), gay rights, women’s rights, racism, sexism, discrimination of religion, believing in God, sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide, homicide, genocide, automobile accidents, terrorism, the wrongful treatment of animals in the food industry, cancer, mental disorders, autism, deformities, deforestation, pollution (in water, air, and on land), “Save the Arts/Music”, rape, inflation, unemployment, the drug problem in Mexico, world hunger, the corrupt governments in China and Africa (and probably many other regions), homelessness.*
God, I could go on all day! There’s just so much help that’s needed, and so little of me to help it.
I don’t know where to start.
To think that these are the things that trouble me…

*Bolded words are the ones that I really care about. I’m passionate about ALL those causes I just listed. I want it all stopped, or saved, or helped. But, if I die without donating my effort, time, or money to the bolded causes, then I’ve died in vain.

Love and Help,



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