Kickin’ The Bucket

So here I am, waiting. Waiting for the lock-in, waiting for Amber to get out of rehearsal so I can dye my hair blue, waiting to find something to do to pass the time in between all those things. Oh wait, I’m already here. XP

I had a dress and heels, so I put them on, cause I felt like it. I feel pretty =D

It’s weird when people are like, “I wish I would have thought of that sooner!” Well, technically, you couldn’t go back in time and make yourself think that. I mean, you can’t ever make yourself think of something. You can make yourself stop thinking about something, or try, at least. But unless the thought pops up on it’s own, you simply can’t force it.

What seriously bugs me is when mean people are mean to really nice people. Amber dyed her hair fuchsia today, and it looks awesome, but this one girl was like, “What is that, Kool-Aid?” I could hear Amber rolling her eyes inside her mind as she said, “No, it’s actually real hair dye.” I wanted to punch that girl. Maybe she meant to be joking, but it wasn’t funny to me. If Amber wants to dye her hair pink/purple for a day, then, damnit, let her! What harm is it doing you? Really? None. I want to dye mine blue, do you have a problem with that? Whoops, I actually cared for a second there. Jeez…

Have you ever noticed that a certain song will sound different on a speaker than it does in your earbuds? I have. It’s pretty weird, cause you’re like, what song is this? Or, sometimes, a song that I’ve heard hundreds of times will be on the radio, and it suddenly sounds faster or slower than normal. The tempo really hasn’t changed, it’s just different than you remember it.

Oh, I love high heels. It’s my one secret. I may be tall, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be TALLER! I just hate that they’re so uncomfortable all the time. I wear high heels for a half hour and my feet feel like they’re bleeding. Seriously, what was wrong with the person that invented high heels? Didn’t they know that shoes aren’t supposed to cause you pain?

Very excited. It’s going to be epicmazing.

Love and Lock-In’s,


(P.S., Everyone told me to write a bucket list, so I guess I will, eventually.)


One thought on “Kickin’ The Bucket

  1. Ha. You know how I’m always saying there’s a person who I may dislike as much as Tisia? Yeah that’s her. There were so many sarcastic bitchy answers I wanted to say, but I took the mature way, smiled, and answered seriously. Sometimes I wonder about the world. XP

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