The Silver Lining

I actually think I might be somewhat of an optimist. I always passed myself for a pessimist, but I’ve found lately that that’s not exactly the case. I mean, I know that my future will be bright, whatever it brings with it. I know that there will be certain things that may set me back quite a bit, but I’ll get through them. I always do.

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

I’ve also found that while I dread school, I feel better when I actually get there. My best friends keep me afloat in the trafficked sea of high school.

Having friends at other schools is awesome. Because, even though you don’t see them that often, it just makes it more crazy and awesome when you do get to be with them. *WARNING: LIZ IS TOTALLY GOING OFF ON A TANGENT IN 3… 2… 1! So, I realized why I’m good friends with so many guys and not so many girls today. Why, you ask? Well, guys aren’t afraid to look like an idiot, just to get a laugh out of everyone. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are certainly a number of girls I know who are the same way. But guys really just wanna have fun, all the time, and they will jump at any opportunity to do that. They don’t care if their hair gets messed up, or, heaven forbid, they break a nail. That carefree attitude is what makes me love all my guy friends so much.

Even though most of you guys won’t read this:

Aaron, you are the biggest teddy bear I know. You look like this big, tough guy who’ll kick someone’s ass if they need it (which is actually true), but I see the hilarious side of you. I can’t do the Moose song without thinking of you at the Mayday Parade concert. I love you!

Steven, I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions (Ex., thinking you were a freshman and kinda ignoring you) when I first met you. I now know that you’re a crazy guitarist and a happy-go-lucky dude. You have the power to make anyone laugh at any given moment. I love you!

Michael, oh jeez. You’re just weird. But, if you weren’t, I know we wouldn’t be friends. You corrupted me, and I’m okay with that. I love how we can all make fun of you being a cripple and you’ll just shake it off. Well, I like that we can just make fun of you in general. I love you!

Amber, you’re my sister. I swear, we could really be related. The way we just automatically fit in with each other’s families is amazing. We don’t even have to say anything to know what the other is thinking. And, when we do talk, it’s usually in unison. I love you!

Alli, I didn’t really get to know you until we did Deputy Jan together, but I’m so glad I did get that chance. You’re one of the only two girls I’m good friends with, so you’re pretty freakin’ special, sunshine. We have so much fun in Espanol and Algebra 2 and Drama, it’s ri-cock-ulous. I love you!

Grant, I don’t even know where to start with you. We have the same taste buds, that’s for sure. (That sounds gross, but I don’t mean it like that!) I really appreciate that we can talk about anything at all at any given time. Plus, you understand me… more or less. You may be a little whipped, but you don’t let me turn into a control freak. I love you!

I know you all have my back, and you should know that I’ve got all of yours’. You’re my best friends.

Love and Friends,



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