Wall Flowers

I feel… tranquil.

Like I’m just a patch of air.

Life is so beautiful when you take the time to think about the little things, and enjoy them.

I, personally,  am like a cat in that I will be perfectly content as long as I have a little sun spot to lie in.

I love when I’m walking home from the bus stop and I can smell the neighbors’ flowers in their lawns.

People’s eyes fascinate me, even if they are “boring brown” or “plain old blue.”

When I look at people, especially my friends, I sometimes will suddenly realize how beautiful they are (male or female, beautiful is not a gender-specific word).

I am happiest in the afternoon, in my room, right after I made my bed, with my shades unfolded so that the sun can come in. It’s just so peaceful and bright.

I prefer natural light to fluorescent light, so I’ll sometimes turn my light off while I’m showering or getting ready for school, even if the sun hasn’t fully come up yet.

Though it may not seem like it at times, I have a hard time feeling. Like, emotions. When something bad happens, it will take a long time to finally hit me, or it just won’t hit me at all. I just have a hard time grasping it, I guess…

I very much live for the moment, which is a bad thing. That’s why I procrastinate so much, and eat too much chocolate, and sleep more than I should, and don’t exercise a lot.

I have a low tolerance to pain.

I wish I was tan, and my sister wishes she was pale. Just goes to show that not a lot of people are happy with who they are these days.

I talk/sing to myself in the mirror.

Sometimes I like being tall, and other times, I wish I was shorter. But I mostly like it.

I don’t know what living with a father figure is like, or just having a dad in general. It’s not a bad thing; I like my life with my mom and my sister. We work well together.

Love and Random Things,



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