I feel pretty!

You know, it seems that I am most productive on my blog when I’m stuck in English with nothing to do.

Today is a good day. I don’t really know why. I mean, I thought I’d be all mad cause my sister stole my shirt and then “forgot” where she put it (well, I was mad for awhile, and then I was like, “Breathe, Liz. It doesn’t matter,” and that helped, for some reason), but I’m really not. I’m not very happy because I’m in English, but it was a mildly okay class period. We talked about capitalization, which is one of my favorite subjects. Well, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are my favorites, but capitalization (which is a really big word if you think about it) is a part of grammar. And then we were supposed to read in our books until the end of class, and I finished all that I had to read last week, so here I am.

One random thing I’ve noticed is that I never wear my hair up at school. Ever. I don’t even tie it up if it’s gettin’ all up in my grill and shit. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

The weather is weird. It’s all windy and cloudy and kinda cool, but earlier today it was so sunny, I had to wear my sunglasses. Speaking of… where are they? Oh, that’s right, I gave them to Michael (Sharpe). I’ll have to find him…

I kinda hope it rains the next few days, and I kinda don’t. It’d be really nice to go and dance around in it, but it’s supposed to be pretty cold.

I think it’s the air pressure that’s making everyone so happy. You see, because the clouds move in, the air is more dense, so it pushes down on us with a greater force than on clear days. For some reason, that makes us feel better. I dunno why, but I’m not about to question it.

Ugh. This class would be SO much better if we’d had the fire/bus evac drills now instead of earlier this morning. 10 minutes left!

Have you ever heard of a reverse bucket list? It’s like, you write down all the awesome stuff you’ve done in your life. That way, if you die unexpectedly without any notice, people will know all the cool things about you.

I might write that now. Yeah, I’m going to.

Love and Smiling Faces,



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