You’re Beautiful

Beauty. It’s just a beautiful word, I think, which is funny. Beauty is “in the eye of the beholder,” so I can’t really say what is and isn’t beautiful, because we all have different definitions for it. To me, it is simple, yet detailed. Like… there isn’t much that makes up the object, but there are tiny little things about it that make it so wonderful. And, I’m not just talking about people, or women, here. I think trees are beautiful, because they have little leaves that turn the perfect green when they catch the light. I think water is beautiful, because it feels soft, almost, and it can form in just about any way.

But, people are beautiful because of their personality. To me, anyways. Amber is so pretty, but it’s that inner beauty and kindness that just pushes her over the top. And Chantal… damn, don’t even get me started. She’s flipping gorgeous, and she’s hilarious on top of that. And Alli is absolutely stunning, though her ferocity is what  really sparks it. Ella doesn’t think she’s beautiful, but I really do. She seems to smile with her eyes, and she’s just got a cute face. Ashley, boy, I can barely keep up with that girl! She’s so energetic all the time, and it really brings out her unique beauty. Paige is one of the prettiest girls I know. She may be a little quiet, but I love it when I get to see her “hidden fire”. Hailey is so strikingly beautiful, I just can’t help but be surprised every time I see her. Corinne’s got such gorgeous eyes, I sometimes find myself just staring into them. And she’s so awesome and funny. As for Taylor L, I just love her face.

So, beauty comes in a bunch of different forms. But I’ve noticed in some cases that you meet a person, realize how awful they are, and then they become less attractive to you. In conclusion, beauty really does come from within.

Love and Beautiful People,



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