Sick As A Hot Dog

Uhg. Wyh deos ym iumnme seystm tinhk taht id’t eb fnuny ot sotp winkorg lal fo a sdeudn? I maen, soeirulsy, rhgit atefr I teg fniihesd syanig, “Oh, I hdlary eevr etg scik,” I tog scik. Nad I’ev gtoetn scik aoubt 4 or 5 tmies jsut tihs yaer adrealy. Blegh.

(Could you decipher that? =P)

I must be a little disoriented. I only put one earring in today. I guess I just got distracted after I put the first one in or something. It’s quite funny, actually, because I went to my aunt’s house to go swimming, and I thought I lost it.

It was a good weekend, and it’ll be a good week. I always go all-out for Spirit Week, so it’s a lot of fun.

Love and (Lots of) Tissues,


One thought on “Sick As A Hot Dog

  1. “Ugh. Why does my immune system think that it’d be funny to stop working all of a sudden? I mean, seriously, right after I get finished saying, “Oh, I hardly ever get sick,” I got sick. And I’ve gotten sick about 4 or 5 times just this year already. Blegh.”


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