Ni biao ma?!

Well, I got back from China last night, but I’ve been too tired to blog about it.

I’ll give you the basic run through: the skies are so polluted that you can’t see the sun, people are very rude, little kids walk around with slits in their pants so they can pee wherever they want, the food is bizarre, and the drivers are crazy. But it was an interesting trip, and there were a few parts I really liked. I climbed the Great Wall, I ate sea urchin and octopus, I learned some Chinese, and I experienced a whole new culture. So, it may not have been anything like what I expected, but it was something I won’t soon forget.

Oh, and my picture is of a random UFO on top of a giant hill. It was really cool, and there are some very weird and random statues all throughout China. I’ll post pictures later.

And the title of this says, “Are you crazy?!” in Chinese. Pronounced nee-byow-ma. One of the few most useful phrases I’ve learned. =P

Everything was so different there. People always wanted pictures with and of me, and one guy even handed me his baby to take a picture with! I guess they thought I was weird.

I’m very glad to be home.

Love and China,



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