Inspiration comes in many different people

Am I… I really don’t want to say, crazy, but I definitely feel like it. I get really weird when I’m at home, but when I’m at school I’m fine. And I’ve been bouncing back and forth between happy and pissed and generally upset. Numb, too. That’s what I feel right now.

I feel bad for Grant, because he has to keep me pulled together all the time. And sometimes I forget who he is, if that makes an inkling of sense. I just don’t recognize him, like he’s a stranger. Of course I know that I know him, but… Agh, it’s so hard to explain.

Alright, I’m done spewing randomness.


One thought on “Inspiration comes in many different people

  1. So I had to set my blog to private so people wouldn’t read it who aren’t suppose too but when I tried adding your name to the list of people who have permission to read my blog it wouldn’t let me add yours and a few others. So if you can’t get on my blog right now just let me know so I can keep trying to figure out how to add you.

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