My title means “freaking awesome” in Spanish.

Do you ever procrastinate really badly, to the day before something is due that you had all week to do, and then decide you just don’t want to do the homework? Oh, I’m awful. :)

This week has been, on average, okay. There were ups and downs, scary things and wonderful things. And little things. Like today, when Amber had to stay after for a project, so her and Patrick and I just hung out and walked around the school while I waited for my bus. That made me really happy. And my mom being released from the hospital just made my little heart go, “Whew!” And making Taylor love me when she’s sick. =D And today, being rather nice out + rainy.

I’m writing on the OPPOSITE SIDE. I’m a rebel. =D

I think there should be a good concert sometime soon. I haven’t been to one in a while, and they just make me feel infinite. I love feeling the bass in my chest and getting goosebumps from a sad song  and just having my good friends around me. Sure, my back may hurt from the slanted floor/standing so long/jumping around, and my head may hurt from the loudness of it all, and I may feel faint from lack of water, but it’s always so worth it.

Good times last forever.

Love and Forever,



2 thoughts on “Superextraordinarísimo

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed our walking around serenading random people time. XD I love you.
    Also, it’s funny because I was just thinking today how it had been a while since we were at a concert. The last one we were at was We The Kings/Mayday Parade, with that silly French exchange student and that couple making out. And while it may not have been too long ago, it feels like forever. And I know just what you mean about the infinite feeling. Like, when they play your favorite song when you thought they wouldn’t, like the *first* time we went to see MP.
    I was telling Grant I was rather upset, Smashing Pumpkins will be at the Rialto on September 1st. I really really really really really wanted to go but it’s $40 =/

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