An Act of Vandalism on Calle Costa Del Sol

So, I went out to check on our garden in our backyard yesterday, and my mom and I saw something funny. There was a long line of something reflective that looked a lot like the film stuff that’s in a cassette tape… because that’s what it was. Somebody came into our backyard, ripped the film out of the tape (it was a Sammy Hagar cassette, whoever that is), and strung it around our garden. They also stole one of our tomato cages. We knew instantly who it was. There are a lot of 10 year old kids in our neighborhood who aren’t exactly nice in any way, but there’s one who lives to the right of our house and is just nasty. He did it. We had no doubt about that.

But was was weirder is that there was another one in our front yard. It seemed to be looped around all of our weeds, and this strand was longer. It said “Springsteen/Journey,” so I assumed that the kid broke into his parents’ old cassette tapes and found it fun to destroy them  and throw them all over their neighbors’ yards.

So I got revenge. At around 9 o’ clock at night, I took my sister and the mangled tapes out with me and threw them into their tree. They streamed beautifully through the air and caught on the branches. I felt like I was helping them; creating a masterpiece in their front yard.

I’m pretty sure I heard shouting in the street last night. :)

Moral of the story: don’t let people push you around (or break into your backyard) and get away with it.


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