Beating in my head

I take pride in being abnormal. I try my best every day to wear something that no one would think of putting together. I wear red lipstick because no one else does. But somehow, I feel like I’m subconsciously being poured into a mold, despite my efforts. When people make fun of my laugh, though, it snaps me out of that feeling. I feel different, but not in the way that I want. I’m sorry that I’m loud. I can’t exactly help it. I could laugh at YOU for all the stupid things YOU do, but do I? No. Internally, yes, but externally, no, I don’t.

11:48 AM

Don’t ya hate it when you’re like, the only one that did the homework, and your teacher gives everyone 20 minutes to do it in class? >=[

2:09 PM

Eight months later, and a lot of stuff’s gone down. Breakdowns, arguments, sleepless nights. But let’s not forget the beauty of this relationship. We drive all the way to each others’ house just to see them for five minutes. We stay up on the phone for countless hours, even on school nights, simply to talk about the world or life. We go to vampire parody movies so we can reenact old times and secretly hold hands in the theater. Things have been really bumpy recently, but we’re still here, right? I broke your record two times over, and I know you’ll do the same to mine. You’re my best friend. I have so much fun with you. I love you.




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