R.I.P. Katherine Mary McNulty (5/22/62 – 9/18/10)

Dear Mom,

You’ve always been very dear to me, although I know you realize that. I’ve tried to support you as best I can through your illness. These past 10 months, you’ve been put through hell. I don’t think any undeserved punishment and suffering could equal yours. Yet, you still wore a smile for us, and you wouldn’t let us see your pain.

I will always remember you as my beautiful, kind, caring, forgiving, sarcastic, smart-ass, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer momma. I can’t say I’ll forget when you were lying in hospital bed after hospital bed, but those aren’t the things that I’ll think of when you come to mind. I’ll think of the times when we’d blast the radio while you made dinner and we did our homework at the kitchen table. Or when we went to Florida and had our well-deserved vacations on the beach. And definitely all the times you were there for me to spill all my teenage angst unto. You made and are still making a huge impact on my life. I know you’re here right now, sitting on my bed next to me, laughing, because you’re so beautiful when you laugh. And I can’t help but smile.

I love you. You’re not going anywhere, and neither am I.




2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Katherine Mary McNulty (5/22/62 – 9/18/10)

  1. Liz, you are taking this whole thing in such a strong and inspiring way. When my grandfather lost his battle with cancer, I can say I was not as hopeful and strong as you are being now. I can honestly say I admire you for this and this simple, loving post. It really gives me hope and inspiration.
    I love you Liz and if you need anyone to just talk to sometime, I’ll be here.

  2. I agree with Chantal. You were taking the whole situation before very well, and when I heard what happened, I knew that you were strong and would be able to pull through. You’re are an inspiration and I love you. Also, I have a small present for you. :)

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