Rio Rancho: A small suburb town outside Albuquerque

Well, I’m here. Took about 8 hours total, and the drive wasn’t that bad. It’s bigger than Rita Ranch, or at least, it seems like it is. But I think I’ll get used to it.

My cousin Isabel is my age, so I’ll be going to Rio Rancho High with her. I’ll be a ram. Bahhhhhh!

She said that they have a pretty good drama program, so I’m excited about that. But you know, I can do whatever I want now. I can totally reinvent myself and join any club that sparks my interest. I’d like to get working on a play and meet my new drama family (which will definitely NEVER replace the one I have in Tucson), though.

They said I don’t have to go to school right away just yet, but I’m gonna be bored out of my mind just sitting at.. home. That’s weird to say.

I miss you all very much already. I was really sad this morning after I left. But I’ll be back soon, I swear.

Love and New Mexico,



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