My new… home?

Well, here it is. My house. It’s pretty cute, and it’s a lot bigger than it looks.

We went to go register me for school today. Rio Rancho High School is HUGE. There are 2,3oo students. Well, 2,301 now, I guess =P. I was afraid I’d get lost at first, but I think I’ll figure it out eventually. Here’s my schedule:

1st Period: English with Mrs. Connolly

2nd Period: Office Aide with Mrs. Affentranger

3rd Period: Spanish 2 with Mrs. Castillo-Wilson

4th Period: US History with Mr. Birrell

5th Period: Acting (or Drama) 3 with Mrs. Natal


6th Period: Physics with Mrs. Woods

7th Period: Trig with Mr. (Mrs.?) Borunda

They couldn’t get me an advisory for elective, but the lady who was registering me mentioned that she needed an aide in 2nd, so I sprang for it. She’s really nice, and her other aides said it was cool working with her.

I may or may not get a locker, although it’d be a good idea. They have academies, which basically means that all the classes are split up into (I think) five different buildings. Most of my classes are in the Humanities Academy, so I think I’ll get a locker in there.

I’m pretty excited about school! I start on Monday, and other than riding the bus, I can’t wait to go and actually do something with my day. I’ll take tons of pictures so I can show you guys what it’s like.

Love and Lockers,



One thought on “My new… home?

  1. I hope your first day is fun.
    We miss you already.
    You also have to send me your address through text so I can write you letters (because you and I are going to start writing letters now)
    Whenever my dad is feeling like going skiing we’ll be by you so I’ll visit you while he does his skiing.

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