School’s Out For Never!

So, I could grumble about getting up at 5 this morning (which is 4 for all you Tucsonians!), but if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have this amazing picture of the sunrise taken from the parking lot in back of my school.

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: a complete breakdown of my first day of school.

First Period: English

Mrs. Connolly is a middle-aged woman, maybe in her 50’s. Very tall, thin, beautiful. She has long blonde hair that’s curled in a perfect coif, and large fake breasts. My cousin is in this class with me. She sits in front of me. We went over some vocab (that I already knew even though I wasn’t in her class for the whole quarter), and that basically took all class period.

Second Period: Office Aide

Mrs. Affentranger (sounds complicated, but you pick it up in a hearbeat) is also a middle-aged pretty blonde woman. She’s really sweet. She had me filing some papers for a while, and I met the other Office Aide named Bryan (although I promptly spaced on his name and he had me guessing for 10 minutes before he finally told me). Mrs. A sent me down to the Library to get an Office Aide ID (I’m so special! I put it on a lanyard and everything! =D). Then she had to go deal with a Code Purple (I’m not authorized to give out what that means; confidentiality, you know), and Bryan and I highlighted some names for a while longer.

Third Period: Spanish 2

Mrs. Castillo-Wilson is a short Hispanic woman, also middle-aged, kind of sassy. Some people think she’s a bitch, but if you saw her students, you’d know why. They do announcements in 3rd, so we all stood and I started to say the Pledge in English. Well, I was the only one. Woops. Then she did attendance, and of course, said, “Nosotros tenemos una estudiante nueva. What questions do you have for her?” They all proceeded to ask me my name, where I came from, how old I was, and how I was doing, in Spanish, and I answered rather expertly: “Me llamo Liz, Tucson, Arizona, Tengo dieciseis años, Bien, ¿y tú?” The rest of class was working through a set of 4 English phrases to be translated into Spanish. It was a slow class period that we didn’t get much done in.

4th Period: U.S. History

I don’t have much to say, since Mr. Birrell was absent today. The substitute just had us write down key terms from our book (yes, I did bookwork for the first time in about 3 years today!) and once we finished, I just talked to my cousin for the rest of class.

5th Period: Acting 3

Mrs. Natal is a somewhat heavy-set woman with bright red hair (dyed) and green eyes. She’s super nice, and pretty cool. She also introduced me as a new student, and the drama kids were really friendly, as expected. I worked with one guy on his duo-scene, then just talked with some of the kiddos.


If you’ve never had a lunch with 1000 or so other kids, it’s crazy. All the lines are packed. When I finally got lunch, I sat down (with my cousin’s friends, who weren’t too welcoming), ate a little bit, and 5 minutes later the bell rang. So, now I know, RUN.

6th Period: Physics

Mrs. Woods is an average height, totally ripped, maybe 40 something lady with glasses and brown hair. She was also very nice. She gave us a practice mid-term, which I did well on except for one problem. I got the notes on it, and eventually figured it out. I think I’m in the same place as they are at this point in the year, so that’s a breath of relief for me.

And finally 7th Period: Trig

Mrs. Borunda is really sweet. She’s medium sized in every way with a motherly face, striking blue eyes, and brown hair. She warned me about the dress code (which says that you can’t wear graphic t-shirts, which is lame. I was wearing my giraffe “Protect Me” shirt) and told me to have a seat anywhere. This one girl named Erica said I could sit by her, so I did. It was kind of uneventful, and they’re at about the same place I am, just like in Physics.

That’s about it.

Love and Sunrises,


4 thoughts on “School’s Out For Never!

  1. Can’t wear graphic tees? What kind of crazy school is this? XD Haha.
    I’m very glad to hear that your first day went well. I really want to see pictures if you can =]

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