I Never Really Thought You Were Psycho

AH! MY LIFE AS LIZ IS GOING TO HAVE A SEASON 2! I’m so excited! It’s set in New York following Liz’s new college life. =D

Life’s going okay. I’m quite happy out here. No guys for me at the moment. I went on a couple of dates with one, but I broke that off cause I realized I need more friends than love interests right now. I feel independent. It’s nice.

Ow. My tongue randomly started hurting. That’s weird. =P

Hey, you guys’s fake fight last night was pretty nerve-wracking. It was damn good, don’t get me wrong. At first, I thought Taylor was joking, so, ya know, I liked her status. Then it got all serious and I was like, Oops. I’m glad everything’s okay =]

Jeez. It was near freezing today. Around 38 degrees all day is not much fun. It was windy too. And cloudy, like it was gonna snow. It already did a lot in the mountains. It’s so pretty.

I wish we would have a snow day soon. Isabel does this thing where she gets in the hot tub, then jumps out and rolls in the snow, then gets back in. She wants me to do it with her. I think she’s mental.

I suppose it’s Christmas time. Am I the only one that just gets increasingly annoyed by Christmas songs every year? Well, I like one song. Baby, It’s Cold Outside is my Christmas anthem this year I think. Last year it was Silent Night. I still like that song. Oh, no, maybe it was that one by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. That one’s freakin awesome. It’s like, a hard rock version of Christmas, so naturally, it’s killer.

I haven’t written in so long! Not about anything important, anyways. It feels good =] I miss y’all.

Love and Approaching Christmas,



5 thoughts on “I Never Really Thought You Were Psycho

  1. If you were hear you’d be able to hear ME play the one from the Trans Siberian Orchestra! BUT YOU’RE NO! GET THE FUCK BACK HERE!

  2. Lol. I just saw your blogroll list to the side, and I see I’m under speed lightning. XD <3
    Hahaha, I love you and miss you Liz~

  3. LIZ!
    My dad and I are planning on going to New Mexico some time next year for skiing. But I’m not that much of a skier so I figured while he skis, I would hang out with you! :D
    I just need the city and such.
    Also I must agree Christmas music is a bit annoying. But Baby It’s Cold Outside is a good song indeed.

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