You’re a part-time lover and a full-time friend

I was scared for the new year, I’ll admit it. I realize now that it’s just a giant mosh-pit of new opportunities. Yeah, some fists will be thrown, but if things work well enough, it’ll flow like a writhing mass of hardcore scene kids.

I’ve tried not to create resolutions for this year because I never follow them, but of course I have a few in my head. I want to stop caring so much about my appearance. It shouldn’t matter to anyone in my life that matters to me. As long as I’m happy and comfortable in my own skin, no one can bring me down.

Another thing. I should stop talking about people behind their backs. I don’t want it to happen to me, so I shouldn’t DO it.

I feel like I should start speaking my mind more often. Sometimes I lie to protect people’s feelings, but it usually turns out that the truth hurts less.

I need to help more around my house. I feel like I don’t do much around here.

I need to clean my room more often! It gets pretty bad, and I can’t live in a giant heap of laundry anymore.

But of course, like I said, this isn’t a list of resolutions. Just a little bit of motivation to try and be a better person this year.

Love and Rockets,



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