Connect the Plots

Hey ya’ll! I’ve got a lot on my mind.

We got a Kinect today! Well, I did. I paid for it with my Christmas money, and it’s the bomb, basically. I didn’t get any other games other than the standard Adventure one that comes with it, cause they’re all $50 bucks a piece. Ugh. But I tried the Dance Central game in Phoenix, and it’s SUPER über cool.

We also met a dog today; Dusty. That’s short for Dustbunny, and she is the cutest thing! Dusty is a mix between a chow and an australian shepherd, so she’s really fluffy but still has a cute face. She’s black and brown and kind of.. dusty looking. I’ll put up pictures ASAP. We’re going to pick her up tomorrow from her owners’ house. They’re giving her to us because my aunt is a friend of the lady’s and they had a baby recently, so they can’t give Dusty much attention anymore. Plus, they might be moving soon. What a perfect opportunity to find that dog we’ve been looking for since before Christmas, right? She’s so sweet and loyal. She seems perfect. I can’t wait to let her join the family!

Auditions for The Wedding Singer are on Monday. I’m super nervous. I mean, I think I’ll do fine, but is it enough to compare with the other girls? I’m the fourth one on the audition list, so I’m getting it over with quick I guess. But that doesn’t mean I’m out of my mind with nerves. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens.

Plus, I heard there’s hardcore makeout scenes in The Wedding Singer, so that could either be good or bad for me. Yikes.

My friend Brandon went in for brain surgery the other day too, and I was informed by Facebook that he is safely at home now. But I still worry about him, of course.

Agh. So much going on I don’t even know where to begin.

Love and Crazy,


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