If I Told You…

SO, I got 3 callbacks for the musical’s three leading ladies! We did callbacks yesterday, which was basically like this:

If you got called back for Julia (the main character), you sing If I Told You with a guy who got called back for Robbie (another main character).

-I sang that song twice, with two different guys, since there were more guys than girls. The first time was kinda lousy, but I totally rocked my second shot.

If you got called back for anything else, you were handed a mini-script and acted out several scenes as different characters with other people trying out.

-So basically, I did a lot of singing, and a lot of the same scenes over and over. =P

But don’t get me wrong, it was AWESOME. I can’t wait to work with this year’s cast, especially seeing that we’ve been kinda separated due to changed schedules.

Mrs. Natal told us the cast list would be up on Tuesday…


And I’ll be the only cast member at school because I was the only one who opted out of the Thespian Conference due to an increase of stress levels.


Love and Musicals,



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