Never Jump The Gun

Ever since my mom passed away, I’ve been in a fog. I’ve been numb. Sure, I’ve been laughing truly and genuinely. I’ve been really happy. But I think that’s because I haven’t fully let myself grasp her death. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve forgotten all about her. I can’t remember what she was really like.

Last night, I forced myself to really remember.

And I realized why I’d shut myself off to the world, because it hurt.

But I can deal with that if it means sharing her memory with everyone who didn’t get the privilege to know her. I’d rather dig up the pain daily if it means never forgetting her.




4 thoughts on “Never Jump The Gun

  1. I’m sorry liz =[
    I love you! Your face is severely missed!
    You’re definitely an extremely strong girl, probably the strongest I know.
    Again, We all love and miss you a ton!
    You need to come back down to Arizona soon, I haven’t seen you in forever!

  2. I’m not gonna lie, the day after your mom passed away and I came to school and saw you acting like the same old Liz, all chipper and funny and just brightening everybody’s day, I was super confused. I expected to come to school to see you crying or extremely quite, actually I didn’t even think you would be there that day. But I was ready to try to do anything to make you feel better. But when you were all smiles I thought “Wow she is incredibly strong for holding it together.” So I never brought it up, If you weren’t ready to talk about it then I wasn’t going to bring it up either. I can’t even imagine how you are feeling but if you ever just want to talk about it then I am here. I would sit and listen to you for hours if it meant making you feeling better.

    • I read your comment this morning and it totally stuck in my head. It made me feel a lot better about everything. So thank you, Paige. You’re a real friend and I’m lucky to have you. =]

  3. I remember when i went to your house for the first time and i met your mom. she just loved to talk. and was a curious lady cuz she wanted to know what i was doing after high school lol. she was an amazing lady with a great sense of humor too.

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