I Hate You, St. Valentine.

Why dedicate a day to love? A whole stupid day. As Amber always says, love should be expressed daily, not once out of the whole year.
To me, it is a day for lonely, single girls to get together and get fat on candy and cupcakes. Who needs guys when you have friends… right? Valentine’s Day to second graders was about decorating a bag, buying cards and candy from the store, and giving out Valentines to even the people you hated. I miss that, because now, Valentine’s Day is for parading around the school with huge teddy bears and gorgeous bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate. Can I just say… BLEGH! I’m sure it would appeal to me if I was with someone, but currently, I’m single and bitter.

So you know what I gotta say? SCREW YOU, ST. VALENTINE!

Love and Love (gag),



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