I Need Something To Sing About

Has singing a song ever made you extremely happy for no discernible reason? Me too. It doesn’t usually even matter what kind of song it is, whether it’s depressing or uplifting. If I’m singing and it sounds good, I’m in heaven. I would make it into a career if 1.) I was good enough and 2.) I had the patience. Cause it takes a lot to get into the arts industry. That and acting. I love the drama environment, but I just don’t think it’s going to be my life plan.

I just don’t know what my life plan will be in general…

I considered Marine Biology, cause I like Biology and I like.. marine animals. Therefore.. badabing. However, I’m a very squeamish person, so I wouldn’t be able to deal with gross looking things or blood. That knocks down a lot of career paths.

I’ve been thinking about Psychology and Sociology for a long long time. I like people, I like knowing how people work. I could study mental disorders and diseases; that’s pretty interesting. I did a report on eating disorders in freshman year, and I learned a whole lot from it.

See, the thing is, I never want to work somewhere that I’m not happy. I have to be happy or else I won’t get out of bed in the morning. If I can look forward to something, I’m good. So, if my work is interesting and engaging, that’s a +.

I just really want to do something for society. Something to help in any way I can.

Love and Work,



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