*Inhale* Green tea. *Exhale* Yoga. *SCREAM!*

Stress. It gets to the best of us. And me. A lot. *Inhale*

People say to try green tea or yoga. I would, but I’m so stressed that I have no time! Maybe I should ask this chill lizard dude…
It’s mainly the musical that’s got me wiggin’ out. It’s in three days and some of us are not NEARLY as prepared as we should be. But, I must breathe and remember to worry about me. *Exhale*

In other matters, my ACT test is rapidly approaching. Hyperventilating does not help me prepare for this, yet my body says otherwise. I got an ACT book with advice and practice tests. One thing it says is that it’s an extremely stressful test, and not to take it if you are stressed or if you are deprived of sleep. Guess what I don’t do when I’m stressed? SLEEP. But I think the best I can do is stick to that book and take lots of practice tests to make sure I’m ready. *Inhale*

College. Scary. Applications. Expectations. *HYPERVENTILATE*

Jobs. Now, these aren’t so bad on the stress-meter. Not that I’ve ever had a job. But, when I have time, which is after the musical, I’m starting up my job search again… as if it ever existed. I kinda want to see if that new movie theater will hire me. It’d be cool to work there, I think. *Exhale*

I should take my own character’s advice: “You’re gonna be fine; just breathe.”

Love and Breathing,



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