Spring Hath Sprung!

I love Spring. I think it’s my new favorite season. Summer’s just too hot, ya know? Spring in New Mexico is pretty gorgeous so far. The courtyard at RRHS is most lovely. There’s nice, springy green grass and lovely trees budding leaves and hints of flowers. Of course, once it gets warmer, those trees start to smell like genitals, or so I’ve been told, but it’s still lovely!

I must have Spring fever. I’m so much happier nowadays! Maybe it’s the warm weather, sitting at a perfect 75º. Or maybe it’s a certain someone who brightens up my days and puts butterflies in my stomach.. or a combination of the two ;D.

Either way, I’m really happy. =D

Love and Spring,



2 thoughts on “Spring Hath Sprung!

  1. I’m glad for spring too, except this bipolar weather that’s been happening.
    Also, the Pima county fair comes this week, and I was totally thinking about that year when you took me. And I got to feed a baby cow. :)
    I miss you missy. Hope you’re having fun :) I love you.

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