All Dried Up



Oh, how I miss Hawai’i. It was really beautiful; unlike any place I’ve seen before. There were lots of flowers and palm trees, and people were so chill and friendly. It was hardly humid, and it was a nice 85˚ the whole trip. Of course, we were woken up by THE LOUDEST birds you could ever imagine at like, 6:25 in the morning, but it still felt tropical. And what could be better than spending your 17th birthday on a tropical island? Not much, I’ll tell you that.  And the fruit! It was so good and fresh. The pineapple was dripping with juices, and it was so sweet. I can’t say that I drank anything out of a coconut, but I had a virgin piña colada, so I guess that counts. There were flowers on the ground everywhere which made for nice hair accessories. It really was paradise.


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