The Best Days of Your Life





These kids. They taught me what a real best friend is.

This is my big ole’ super-extended drama family.

These chicks laughed/cried/sang/danced their way into my life and made it something totally incredible.

These guys are the only ones who visit me in New Mexico. So far. (And their initials spell MOO!)

This dude was my first real friend in New Mexico. He didn’t judge me then, and he doesn’t judge me now.

This is the best biological sister ever. And I’m only half-lying.

Those girls are the only ones who’ve seen me at my absolute weirdest.

These two have the biggest hearts in the world. And they kick butt every single day.

And this guy continues to make my day, every day.

But these two, my mom and my uncle, made it all possible.

And lastly, this is me. Subtract the above people, and I’m nothing.

I love each and every one of you.


4 thoughts on “The Best Days of Your Life

  1. Liz! I love you too! It made me so happy that you included the drama crew, because it just wasn’t the same after you left. We did that Pee-pee cha-cha dance, we danced crazy, lunged like you during Antigone reenactments, and couldn’t even look at giraffes without being reminded of you. Your smile, and you as a person, really did change my outlook on things. Love you girly! Keep on smiling
    -AMI, Millie Nair

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