One Year

One year ago on this day was the worst day of my life. I had just gotten a haircut when someone called my aunt to let her know that my mom had passed away. I’d been expecting it, but it was still devastating. My aunt was so emotional, she couldn’t drive us back home, so we had my other aunt drive up to the hair place to come get us and take us to the hospice. I really didn’t want to see my mom after she passed, but I went into the room anyways, maybe to say goodbye, I’m not sure. She was pale yellow and still, wrapped in one of my blankets. That was the last time I saw her in person.

I still see her in my dreams sometimes. I know she’s with me. But I can’t help missing her. And I would give anything at all to be with her for one more day.


4 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Your mother is always with you…
    She’s the whisper of the leaves
    as you walk down the street.

    She’s the smell of bleach in
    your freshly laundered socks.

    She’s the cool hand on your
    brow when you’re not well.

    Your mother lives inside
    your laughter. She’s crystallized
    in every tear drop…

    She’s the place you came from,
    your first home.. She’s the map you
    follow with every step that you take.

    She’s your first love and your first heart
    break….and nothing on earth can separate you.

    Not time, Not space…
    Not even death….
    will ever separate you
    from your mother….

    You carry her inside of you….

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