These Are My Confessions


The best part of my day only ever lasts a few moments.

I aspire to be beautiful.

I wish I knew what I wanted in life.

I trust easily, despite the number of times my trust has been betrayed.

A warm bed, a good book, chocolate, and a soft hug are all I really need.

There is only one person in the world right now who really knows and understands about 99% of me.

And I’ll give you a hint; it is not me.

Everything I have, physical or merely imaginary, can be taken away from me by death.

Opportunities, plans, possessions, relationships, favorite songs, desires, memories, homework, atoms, molecules, space.

Everything that I’ve ever had within reach.

My heart has never skipped a beat. My knees have never gotten weak. Sorry, can’t help it.


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