Free At Last, Free At Last

Well, I did it! I graduated high school. I always knew that I would; there was never a doubt in my mind. It was a scary, stressful journey, but I had fun along the way. I had a lot of firsts, and I had a lot of lasts. I cried until I had no more tears, and I laughed until my stomach hurt and I couldn’t breathe. I performed my first and last musical. I transcended time in plays about Nazis, cowardly cowgirls, the 20’s, the 80’s, and modern day. I held an office and led my peers. I got a 4.1 GPA for a semester. I made my first enemy, though we ended up making amends. I broke hearts and had mine cracked a bit. I experienced the death of several family members. I have discovered God, and am working every day to keep him in my heart. I have gotten out of touch with people. I have lost a few good friends. I got my first job. I got my first car, first flat tire, and first bang-up. I played mud volleyball with some cool people. I made connections with people I played with once when I was 5.

It’s been a wild ride. But really, it’s only just getting started. Class of 2012, thank you for making high school utterly unforgettable.


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