Oh. My. Goodness. There is so much teenage immaturity happening around here. Getting pregnant, getting drunk/high, getting engaged. They think that doing grown up things makes them prepared to handle the consequences. This shit ain’t cool. Some of it isn’t even legal. It is destroying your body, and your youth. People our age can barely support themselves, let alone try to support an addiction, a spouse, or a BABY. Get a job, get an education, clean up your act. That’s the natural order of things in our society. Can you pay for a wedding? Can you pay for three + years of diapers, and baby food, and clothes? Can you feed your own addiction? I know I can barely pay for my own expenses, especially on the money I’m making working as a hostess in a restaurant because that’s the best I can do at 18. I don’t know how you’re going to handle all that, honestly. We’re supposed to just be kids, you guys. If you’re really in love, you can wait until you’re financially stable to pay for a wedding and start a life together. Plus, you have no idea who you’re going to meet in college or any other time in your life. Why settle down now? Why be so sure, so soon? I don’t even think I want to get married at all. But hey, I guess it’s your life. I just wouldn’t make those choices.


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