Thank You

for taking my side. I mean, I guess there were never “sides” to begin with, but it makes me happy that I have one genuine friend in this world. One who is always there, no matter what; one who has never forgotten me; one who loves me even if they don’t like me all the time. I know that you will never lie to me, and that’s a valuable trait in friends these days. You try not to keep things from me (although I understand that it is unavoidable sometimes). I’ve seen a lot of treachery by friends lately, and just overall abandonment. But I am so happy to be able to say that you have never totally given up on me. You invested in this friendship a long time ago. You decided that you were going to actively be my friend even though I was 400 miles away. I can hardly say that for anyone else. You get the Best Friend gold medal. I hope that we can be friends forever. I can definitely picture it. You’d better invite me to your wedding. I’ll be your best man if you need one =P And if I ever get married, here is my formal invitation right now. Even if we’re fighting, or I said I never wanted to see you again, I want you to be at my wedding. I’m saying it now.

Anyways, that got off on a random marital tangent. Nevertheless, thank you.


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