Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Oh my college. This place is amazing. I get to see my best friends in the entire world every day. I automatically get a new friend whenever I meet a friend’s roommate. Or my roommate’s friend. Or just people down the hall! It’s such a social place. There are tons of activities going on every day, and copious amounts of time to organize friends for random shananigans. And the rumors about scary professors? Not true. These people seem even better than high school teachers because they actually WANT to teach. As long as you WANT to learn (which I’d hope is the case in college), they will be your best friend. It’s awesome. I love the sense of community around here. Everyone’s just riding in the same boat, praying to stay afloat and get through the day.

There have been some creepy people though. But that’s to be expected on a college campus, with several thousand students, right?

I also love having my own space! Me and my roommate want to get a fish =]

That’s it for now. I have class in 45¬†minutes, my first college math class. More college adventure stories to come!




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