Random Bloggage

-Why do I go for the weird guys? The ones with issues? Oh yeah, cause they’re smart and actually have a lot to say when it comes down to it. And somehow, they’re damn attractive.

-Ah, hunger. How I’ve missed you. In Flagstaff, I was never hungry. If I wanted food, it was always there. Bam. Go get it. I’d eat even if I wasn’t hungry just so I wasn’t wasting meal plans. But I’m okay with being hungry. It’s a familiar feeling, one I welcome. It means being skinny again…

-I. Want. To. Go. Clubbing. I want to really be 18. I wanna do “mature” shit. But I know that I’ll only be this young for so long. My time will come when I will want nothing more than to be 18 and innocent again.

-I have a beautiful family. They’re all so pretty.

-Road trips are my favorites. Ashleigh and Alli are so fun to drive with. GIRLTALK!

-Back to boys. Oy. What is up, Flagstaff. Seriously. Stahp.

-Tucson is my favorite too. It will always be my home. I just love the place.

That’s all for now.


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