If I Am Ever A Parent…

I know that I’ll be a horrible mom. I won’t want to change diapers. Bodily fluids make me gag. I will not celebrate birthdays, because I see no point in doing so. You’re another year older, woohoo. I haven’t accidentally dropped you on your head yet, hooray! And why give a child money when they lose teeth? Would you give your kid $50 if he lost an arm? Christmas has lost its meaning entirely, so no gift exchange at Christmastime. And Easter? Give me a break. Rabbits do not lay eggs, and they won’t lay eggs for my children. How did that even become a tradition, to hide candy from children? I don’t want to lie to my kids, and get their hopes up for some kind of magic to happen. Or when they turn 18, when it all just disappears and they’re not allowed to be a kid again, I don’t want them to sigh and suck it up and move on. I want them to realize what these holidays are for. To spend time with people you love and cherish the moments you have together. To smile and wonder how you got so lucky to have a family who truly cares for you. I don’t want to disappoint my kids.


2 thoughts on “If I Am Ever A Parent…

  1. Okay. So first off, dirty diapers are NOT that bad. And if you have kids, you would suck it up and change them because you had to. I don’t like washing dishes but I do it because I HAVE to. If bodily fluids make you gag, then you probably get sick every time you blow your nose and something comes out, or you have your period, or even cry because tears are a bodily fluid.
    Parents celebrating birthdays’s isn’t about the fact that their child is another year older, it’s a celebration of the day that they came into the world however many years ago it was. That the miracle of life was bestowed upon them in the form a a beautiful child who has grown up.
    Giving your child money for losing their teeth is just a cute thing to do. 25 cents isn’t gonna break the bank, not will it teach them that losing body parts will earn them money.
    If you think Christmas has lost it’s meaning, CHANGE THAT! Teach your children what it is about but don’t eliminate the gift exchange portion just because you don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Santa isn’t about lying to your children, it’s about giving them the magic to believe in anything. To let them know that there is good in the world and that just because they can’t see it, doesn’t mean it does not exist.
    My parents never told me that the Easter Bunny laid eggs, they said they hid them. So don’t tell your children he lays them if you don’t want to. But again, it’s the same thing as Santa Clause. It means that there IS magic in the world and there’s also happiness and fun, because that’s what our fictitious figures represent.
    It’s not technically lying to your kids to let them believe in these things. When I found out Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny weren’t real, I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit heartbroken. But I am now 20 years old and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that my parents told me about these things and let me believe in them. Why? Because it protected my innocence and let me be a kid, care-free, light-hearted, focused on having fun and being happy. Believing in magic is what kids long for because it’s out of the ordinary and beautiful. I’m not scarred for life and I didn’t just move on. I fully understand what they holidays are about and in fact, I now appreciate being surrounded by family and friends all the more. I grew up knowing that alongside Santa Clause and such.
    You won’t be a terrible mom because it’s almost impossible to disappoint your children. They will love you no matter what and they will not judge you because you are their world. You tell them right from wrong, you protect them and you show them the ways of the world. It’s impossible to disappoint your children when they’re little because you are all they have!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I was in a bit of a cynical place when I wrote this, but your words helped me realize that I couldn’t keep the fun of holidays from my future children. I feel more confident now that I can be a good parent someday. Best wishes to you and your family :)

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