Once In A Blue Moon…

I might get to tour Europe next year for spring break! Cienega is doing it, and Grant asked me if I was interested in it. Of course, I was, so he got me the information and everything, and we looked it over with my mom today. She’s thinking about letting me go, and I’m SO excited. I get to go through Barcelona, Spain; Provence, France; and Rome, Italy. There’s a few other places along the way, like the French Riviera and Pisa (yes, the home of the slanted tower) and Florence. I really hope I get to go! If any of you guys are interested, let me know, and I’ll let Grant know, and he’ll let Cienega know, because the more people we get, the less it’ll cost for everyone.

The lock-in was amazing. It felt like time went by so quickly, though. That’s the one part that upset me, cause I wanted to enjoy every second of it (even though I totally did). I beat Grant and Aaron’s team in Capture the Flag, and I was very proud. Female supremacy! I also met a lot of people that I would have never guessed were that cool. The Step Questions weren’t as bad as last time, probably mainly because they didn’t give us a chance to really let it all soak in. I really wish I could have talked for a while with my friends about things… Sure, I told the whole group the thing about my dad, but it was a mixed up jumble of thoughts and emotions, so it didn’t really make much sense.

Anyways. School tomorrow. So not looking forward to it. Mrs. Garza hasn’t posted grades yet, but as far as I know, mine isn’t very great. I totally failed that quiz on Friday, except for maybe 3 problems. Plus, I have to get started on quite a few group projects, which I never enjoy that much. Oh well, at least the people in my groups are pretty cool.

At least it’s a 4-day week. TGFE (Thank God For Easter).

Love and Europe,



5 thoughts on “Once In A Blue Moon…

  1. Hah, yeah.
    Just like, “Nope, I definitely do NOT want to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe with you.”
    That’s actually how I answered him when he asked me out.
    I can be so sarcastic sometimes. XD

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